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Frequently Asked Questions


How does it Work?
While the publisher is processing the Desk Copy Request Form,the Duke Faculty member, or Graduate Assistant (TA), may borrow a copy of the textbook from the Duke Textbook Store. To do this, the Faculty member will fill out the Borrowed Book Form and drop it off at the Textbook Service Desk. As long as the book is returned before the end of the current semester, in original condition, the Faculty member (or Department) will not be charged for the use of the book. These loaned copies were purchased as part of our store inventory, and must be returned to publishers by established deadlines in order to receive proper credit. Publisher supplied desk copies can also be returned to the Textbook Store to replace the borrowed copy as long as these books are not marked, "For Instructor Use Only," or "Desk Copy, Not For Resale."

Who Can Participate In the Program?
Duke Faculty and/or Graduate Assistant teaching a Duke University course in the (current) term for which the book is being borrowed.

Is there a Form to Fill Out?

Yes. The Faculty member must complete a Borrowed Book Form and drop it off at the Duke Textbook Store Service Desk (mid-level of the Bryan Center directly below the University Bookstore). Graduate Assistants (TA's) must submit either an IRI from the Department, or the following information on Departmental Letterhead:
  • Graduate Assistant's Name
  • Student ID#
  • Department
  • Cost Center
  • Course Name & Number
  • Section
  • Author
  • Book Title
  • Faculty member's name, or official Departmental. Fund Administrator's name.
The Department will not be charged for the cost of the book as long as it is returned by the end of term deadline.

When do Borrowed Books have to be returned to the Duke Textbook Store?
Books borrowed must be returned by the end of the semester in which the books were borrowed, or when the publisher supplied desk copies are received by the Instructor. For continuing courses, when the same book is used for consecutive semesters, the book can remain with the Instructor for both semesters. Continuation Course should be noted on the Borrowed Book Form at the time the book is borrowed. This is assuming that the publisher does not supply a desk copy to the Instructor to replace the borrowed copy from the Duke Textbook Store.

What Happens if the Book is Returned in Used Condition?
We ask that borrowed books be returned in original condition. You may also return the publisher desk copy in place of the borrowed book as long as the book is not marked. Borrowed books that are marked, highlighted, soiled, pages bent, or name written in will be charged the difference between the price of a New Book and a Used Book.


Do all publishers provide Desk Copies to Faculty teaching in higher education?
No, not all publishers provide desk copies. Many small, obscure publishers do not supply desk copies. In addition, foreign publishers, suppliers, and distributors do not supply desk copies. However, the Duke Textbook Store will allow Faculty members and Teaching Assistants to borrow books.

What happens if the publisher never sends a Desk Copy to the Department?

If the Faculty member requested a desk copy directly from the local publisher representative, or directly through the publisher web site, he/she should contact the representative/publisher directly and find out what the status of the request is.

If the Duke Textbook Store submitted a desk copy request on behalf of the faculty member, Textbook Store staff can check on the status of the request and submit a second request. Please allow eight weeks for the desk copy to arrive before asking for a follow-up.