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Copier Leasing

We manage over 1,500 copiers and multi-function products.
Let us help you with your office products needs.


Monday thru Friday 8am – 5pm 

Welcome to Copier Leasing!

Keeping pace with ever-changing trends and the growing expansion of digital technology is our goal. From the smallest desktop copier to fast, feature-rich walkups, our Departmental Copier Program provides quality products and customer service to the Duke community. Office Products manages over 1,500 copiers and multifunctional products (MFPs). Our products are configured with intuitive features to help optimize your office productivity. We offer low monthly payments, which includes user training, service/repair, and all consumables except for paper.

Office Products is responsible for meeting the University’s digital data security standards. Every copier placed in service has some form of Data Overwrite Security System, where scanned/copied/printed data is overwritten. Additionally, any information stored on the device’s hard drive (HD) is encrypted. At the end of your lease, or when a device is removed from service, the HD is removed and destroyed per University policy.

We also offer short term leases, in special circumstances, and place equipment in outlying areas when the Duke community extends beyond the Durham area.

Ordering is Easy

  • Contact us at (919) 684-2776, or email us at We will get in touch with you and assist you in finding the right equipment to fit your office needs. We will recommend a copier for you based on the anticipated volume or any special requirements your office may have. We carry many popular Ricoh, Sharp, Xerox, Lexmark, Konica Minolta, and HP products with a host of features.
  • Once your contract is received and processed, we will contact you to schedule a delivery date.


Departments are billed monthly through the University’s accounting system.

Update Customer Information

If you are already leasing a copier and need to update any customer information, just email that information to us at

Service Calls

Our vendors’ services technicians are located here on campus, which guarantees prompt service. Most service calls are responded to within four hours or less. We track service calls to identify potential problems that may affect the reliability of your copier or MFP. Ask us for a printout of your service history at any time. If you need service for your copier, you may email us at, or call (919) 684-6746.


I’ve never leased a copier before. Which one should I order?
Call us. We will schedule an appointment for you with one of the Account Managers. The Account Manager will conduct a survey of your office. The Account Manager will assess your current office copying needs, as well an any future workload requirements (new staffing, change of operations, etc.) that may have an impact on your copying needs. In addition, the newer copiers are multifunctional, giving you the added capability to print or fax documents from the desktop. The account manager will take all of these factors into consideration and will recommend the appropriate copier that is right-sized for your office needs.

What features do I want with my copier?
The most common copier options are document feeder, finisher, scan, print, fax, and duplexing. Depending on the copier some of these options will come standard. Other options will increase your monthly lease cost. Please note that most of the copiers come standard with scan, fax, and print capability.

We are hiring some new employees. How can I figure out how many more copies a month we will be running?
Check out a few of your monthly invoices. Suppose you currently run 5,000 copies a month and have 20 employees. Divide the number of monthly copies by the number of current employees (5,000 (20 = 250). This gives you an estimated number of copies each employee runs in one month. Now, combine the number of current employees with new employees (20 + 5 = 25). Multiply the estimated copies per person times the total number of employees (250 x 25 = 6,250). So, you can estimate that 25 employees will be running about 6,250 copies per month if there are no major changes in your copier demands.

What copiers are the most dependable? What vendor provides the best service when my copier breaks down?
Office Products has partnered with the industry leaders to offer our customers a breadth of innovative, value-added solutions, among the best the industry has to offer. We carry Ricoh, Sharp, Lexmark, Konica Minolta, and Xerox products. From a reliability standpoint, each copier’s performance is monitored to ensure that it is properly maintained and serviced. Service calls are responded to within four hours during normal business hours, which minimizes any downtime you may experience. We stand behind our products and encourage you to call us if you experience any problems.

Does my monthly lease include my supply cost?
In most cases, supplies are included with your lease at no additional cost to your department.


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