Duke Technology Center :: Duke Computer Purchasing Program

Faculty and staff can purchase Dell, Apple and Lenovo computers at significant discounts through Duke's volume purchasing power.

The Duke Computer Purchasing Program was launched in 2010 as an initiative of the Duke Administrative Reform Team (DART). As part of the program, a work group comprised of departmental IT professionals developed specifications to support three levels of computer needs. By offering these standard business-grade models, Duke can negotiate more significant discounts based on the volume of computers purchased.

In addition to the savings, the program also features:
  • Extended warranties,
  • Reduced expenses for repairs and replacement parts,
  • Flexibility to meet different computing needs.
Which model is right for you?
Schools and department IT professionals developed specifications to support multiple levels of computer needs.
  • Grey supports those who use e-mail, web applications, office programs, and enterprise applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft and Business Warehouse. This group should represent about 60 percent of administrative users. (Available in Desktops only)
  • Blue supports those who run enterprise applications and Crystal Reports together. This group should represent about 30 percent of the population.
  • White supports those who do complex data collection and analysis, visualization, web-publishing and systems administration work, and includes significant customization options for buyers. This group represents the remaining 10 percent of users at Duke.
Selecting the computer that best matches your needs will help you realize greater savings. For example, a Grey level desktop is 25 percent less than the cost of a White level desktop computer.

Computers purchased outside of the Duke Computer Purchasing Program will not benefit from the negotiated discounts, extended warranties or available replacement parts for repairs.

Laptop vs. Desktop Computers
Laptop computers are available through the program to meet specific business needs such as frequent traveling or working remotely. Additional monitors must be purchased separately and should be replaced only when they are at the end of their useful life. In addition to the Blue and White levels, savings have also been negotiated for a third category of Laptops, Ultralight, intended for the very mobile user, or the user who only has one machine which must be fully functional.

Warranty Service
Duke Computer Repair will handle all service under warranty for these machines. Standardizing the hardware configurations and keeping replacement parts in local inventory will streamline service when repairs are necessary.

Extended Life Cycle
Based on the extended warranties negotiated through the program, desktops should be used for five or more years and laptops should be used for four or more years. Earlier replacement can be authorized when a machine is at the end of its useful life.

The Duke Technology Center can accept orders only from approved purchasing agents. For assistance in determining whom to speak with in your department about computer purchases, contact us at (919) 684-8956 or cpustore@duke.edu.