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Updated: October 19, 2016

Prices and Product Availability is Subject to Change Without Notice

Please call for price quotes on other HP products not listed on this page.

Product Part No. Model No. Duke Retail
OfficeJet E3E03A OfficeJet Pro 6230 $99.00
CM752A OfficeJet Pro 8100 $129.00
LaserJet CE658A LaserJet P1102W $149.00
CE749A LaserJet P1606DN (While Supplies Last) $199.00
CF456A LaserJet M201DW $199.00
CE461A LaserJet P2035 $239.00
CZ195A LaserJet M401N (While Supplies Last) $289.00
CF285A LaserJet M401DW (While Supplies Last) $389.00
C5F93A LaserJet M402N $259.00
C5F94A LaserJet M402DN $289.00
C5F95A LaserJet M402DW $339.00
F2A68A LaserJet M506N $629.00
F2A69A LaserJet M506DN $699.00
CE528A LaserJet P3015DN (While Supplies Last) $699.00
CE529A LaserJet P3015X (While Supplies Last) $769.00
CB512A LaserJet P4014DN (While Supplies Last)



CE991A LaserJet Enterprise M602N (While Supplies Last) $869.00
E6B67A LaserJet Enterprise M604N $699.00
E6B68A LaserJet Enterprise M604DN $899.00
E6B69A LaserJet Enterprise M605N $879.00
E6B70A LaserJet Enterprise M605DN $1,049.00
E6B72A LaserJet Enterprise M606DN $1,749.00