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Updated: October 22, 2017 Prices and Product Availability is Subject to Change Without Notice

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Model Description
210-AIIF Professional P2217H 22" Flat Panel, Wide Aspect * $129.00
210-AIIB Professional P2317H 23" Flat Panel, Wide Aspect * $155.00
210-AIIM Professional P2417H 24" Flat Panel, Wide Aspect * $175.00


Model Description
4431HE1 ThinkVision L1900P 19" Flat Panel, DVI/VGA, Standard Aspect * (While Supplies Last) $220.00
2448MB6 ThinkVision LT1952P 19" Flat Panel, DVI/VGA/DP, Wide Aspect * (While Supplies Last) $179.00
61A9MAR1US ThinkVision T22i-10 21.5" Flat Panel, VGA/DP/HDMI, Wide Aspect * $135.00
61ABMAR1US ThinkVision T23i-10 23" Flat Panel, VGA/DP/HDMI, Wide Aspect * $156.00
61A6MAR3US ThinkVision T24i-10 23.8 " Flat Panel, VGA/DP/HDMI, Wide Aspect * $164.00
60F8MAR1US ThinkVision T2424z 23.8" Flat Panel, VGA/DP/HDMI, Webcam Wide Aspect * $187.00


  Please call for pricing on the entire line of Samsung displays. All large format displays 32 inches and larger are subject to additional shipping and handling charges.